Monday, October 16, 2017

Half Week of Midterm Madness

Last week in the ACHS room consisted of a tutoring marathon! My mentor leaders have been selected and hired and last week they were not only announced but thrown into their new roles. We only had a half week because of Fall Break and that meant ... dun dun dun... MIDTERMS! My kids were highly stressed so I decided to give them that time to study for midterms and get tutoring from their shoulder partners. We did, however, start the tutoring off with a discussion about what being a scholar means to them, as getting in this mindset is crucial to understanding the importance of succeeding on their midterms. With our discussion defining what it means to be a scholar came the full circle of incorporating what we discussed the week before with values and goals. We considered academic goals and values and the things we needed to do, choices we needed to make, the expectations we hold for ourselves in order to achieve those goals. On the half day before break let out I told the students to get out a piece of paper and a pencil for my midterm. They all looked confused and bummed out because I told them the week before that we would not have a midterm, looks like I changed my mind! When they were ready to test I told them... JUST KIDDING! We are watching GooseBumps! The kids laughed and were so relieved, they needed a break from the stress that had built up from testing. The week we get back, our mentor leaders join in for our first Mentor Leader Luncheon where we will be discussing the upcoming lessons and any improvements they see fit to make to classroom culture. I'm so looking forward to the feedback and seeing my little leaders in their new roles as well as diving head first into Unit 2!

Until next week,
Ms. Castro

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